1. Bennoda Rings

    This post is just for fun, and most of the contents’ credits go to mashroomarmy forum. I do not own them. ;]

                                          .: A story about Bennoda Rings :.

    Does bennoda have matching rings? like…

    something like…

    Lets begin with Chester’s rings:

    this is Chester’s wedding ring with Samantha - “big ass”, just for clarification.

    However, Chester wore other rings on his ring finger.

    This one was taken at Grammy 2002. At this time, Mike was not married and hadn’t had his ring yet.

    Another taken in 2003, the same one as the above. The difference is it was switched to the middle finger.

    This ring looks pretty different from Mike’s ring, and strangely, it looks different with another ring (pics below), which Chester wore around that same time as well.

    ring finger

    middle finger

    That’s about Chester’s ring during his marriage with Samantha.

    And he had NO RING when he visited Thailand in 2005(really tough time for Chaz).

    Chester’s ring after he remarried with Talinda, he had another ring:

    The question is, why does the ‘Talinda’ ring looks a lot like a ring he got around 03/04 era, when he was still in the marriage with Samantha.

    Pics below are for comparasion:



    And the strange thing is, those two rings (or one? and how come they’re one?) looks awfully similar to Mike’s:

    Unlike Chester’s ring’s ‘history’, Mike’s is simple and plan. It seems like he keeps on wearing one ring only on his ring finger.

    'The Rising Tied' CD booklet

    Mike’s ring (MTV VMA 03)

               Chester’s (03 or 04)

    Mike’s at Hard Rock hotel (04 or 05)

                    Chester’s (EMA 04)

    Mike’s (Ecko, 2005)

            Chester’s (All Star Tribute, 2006)

    Mike’s (his gallery stuff 06)

                 Chester’s (Transformer, 07) 

    Mike’s (Grammy 06)

           Chester’s (PR 07 conference) 

    Mike’s ring (taken at Live Earth 2007)

    Mike’s ring in 2009

    Mike’s (signing FM 2005, left) and Chester’s (Ve’Cel 2007, right), these two look so alike:

    all the pics above were taken in different day, here are the images of their rings taken in one day when they’re sitting at one table (PR 07 conference)

    Chester’s ring looks thicker than Mike’s in this one:

    but in this one, they look the same:

    That’s it! Even till now, they are still wearing those rings, they are just loyal to their love, and let time prove everything.

    I know fairytale is not true, but this topic is just too adorable not to post. Hope you enjoy, and dont take anything too seriously. ;)